Witness to Hope Capital Campaign

posted Mar 13, 2017, 7:43 AM by Teri Marshall   [ updated Mar 13, 2017, 7:44 AM ]
Saint Michael Campaign Allocations
Campaign Goal: $985,159
Saint Michael Parish joins with the entire Diocese of Lansing in looking to the future. Our larger faith family has embarked on its first-ever, diocesan-wide capital campaign called Witness to Hope. The campaign seeks to raise $65 million to support the many ministries of the wider Church, including support for our seminarians and retired clergy, youth and young adults, Catholic education, evangelization and funds for social ministry. Each parish of the diocese will participate in this campaign.   VIEW VIDEO

Our Parish Share Goal: $344,806
Witness to Hope invites us to join together to support our own parish needs and those of the wider Church. Under this plan our parish would seek to raise $985,159. Of this amount, $344,806 would remain in our parish to fund our projects and the
balance would support the wider Church efforts outlined in the Witness to Hope case statement.

Your generous support of the Witness to Hope campaign will allow us to accomplish the following with Our Parish Share: Elevator in Church ($265,000)
We seek to increase accessibility to our Fellowship Hall by installing an elevator. We currently have a lift, but it is a very limited space and not everyone is able to use it. The addition of a full size elevator located near the main stairwell will allow more people to enjoy our numerous activities available to parishioners and guests, for instance, Lenten fish fries, coffee and donuts, craft bazaars, funeral luncheons, wedding receptions, and senior events.
Air Conditioning in School ($100,000)
Installing air-conditioning in all of our classrooms will prepare our school for the likelihood of being in session during hotter times of the year. We hope this will promote an environment more conducive to learning for our school students and for
our summer activities such as Vacation Bible School and child care.

3 Spiritual Considerations To Guide Your Generous Pledge

Gratitude ~ Be motivated by gratitude to God, making a generous return to the Lord for all the blessings in your life. 
Joy ~ Give freely rather than from a sense of obligation, knowing that God loves a cheerful giver and that true generosity leads to joy.
Love ~ Allow Jesus to fill your heart with his spirit of trust and selfless love for all those served by the Church’s ministry and mission.

To learn more or to pledge online please visit our website, www.witnesstohope.net